What Your Amazon Store Needs to Get More Conversions

With an immense community composed of 95 million loyal buyers, it’s not surprising that Amazon continues to be the preferred platform for many eCommerce businesses. While it presents a unique opportunity to create visibility for your offerings and improve your revenue, achieving success is no small feat. With almost two million sellers, standing out and reeling in prospective consumers can be more than a little challenging. If you want to grow your numbers, you’ll need to do a fair bit of Amazon marketing and adopt some effective digital advertising strategies. And in this piece, we’ll discuss everything that you need to know on how to get the desired conversions for your online store. 

Understand your current rate of conversion

Before you begin finding ways to improve the conversion rate of your business on the Amazon eCommerce platform, you must first determine where you’re currently at. After all, it will give you a benchmark that you can use to measure the results of your efforts. To calculate your rate of conversion, divide the orders that you get to the total listings for your product sessions. On average, a good result would be at least ten to fifteen percent. Whether or not the rate that your business is in falls below those numbers, it’s a good idea to always strive to improve so that you’ll reach better sales numbers.

Highlight the benefits of your offerings

If you want to pique the interest of buyers and encourage them to purchase your products, you must give them a good reason to do so. And one strategy that you can use is to highlight the benefits that your offerings have for your target audience. Demonstrating the way your selection of items can meet the needs of shoppers by asking yourself how your goods address certain problems and make them better solutions when compared to your competitors will help you make them more saleable. Once you’ve determined their advantages, you’ll need to update their description and features using content that is user-focused. If you need some direction with the content, don’t be afraid to check your competitor’s listings. 

Regularly update the photos of your products 

One of the challenges of running an eCommerce business is the inability to let consumers use all of their senses besides their vision to determine the quality of the product. And if your listings feature outdated and low-quality photos, you’re more likely to drive away customers instead of reeling them in. In turn, you’ll miss the opportunity to get some sales and lose out to your competitors. Don’t let this happen and ensure that the images of your products are regularly updated. It may sound like a lot of extra work now, but doing so won’t just improve your conversions. It will also keep your brand’s reputation from being tarnished.

Price your products competitively 

As an eCommerce platform, Amazon is always looking to provide buyers with exceptional experiences when shopping with them. Because of this, they factor in the cost of items when it comes to their ranking on the search results. A business that either prices their offerings too low or too high may send negative signals to consumers, after all. It also has an impact on whether you lose or win the coveted Buy Box. As such, you must ensure that your products are all competitively priced. Doing so won’t just help you get more sales. It will also rank you better in the SERPs.

Use pay-per-click (PPC) marketing to promote your offerings

These days, it’s become a fairly common practice amongst many eCommerce businesses to use PPC or pay-per-click marketing to gain more sales. When you get right down to it, using ads can enhance the visibility of your brand or products and give you a better chance of reaching your target customers than you would have otherwise. With that in mind, Amazon presents sellers with a few options, including sponsored branding, sponsored products, and sponsored displays. The most significant advantage of PPC when compared to other digital marketing methods is that you pay only when the ad gets the desired clicks. As a result, you’ll maximize your returns on your ads.

Evaluate your competitors to enhance your Amazon marketing strategies

Conducting a competitor analysis is crucial to improving your marketing efforts. You’ll have a better idea of what your competition is doing right and wrong, and make use of effective techniques. It may not necessarily be the most exciting part of running an eCommerce enterprise. However, it will make a difference in elevating your conversion rates.

A few eCommerce platforms offer the same level of advantages and benefits as Amazon does, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be assured of success. You will still need to work on your online business to increase your revenue. And through the marketing techniques listed above, you’ll elevate the conversions of your business.